Harry Kane überrascht vom’dummen‘ FA-Tweet und der Kultur des Spottes in England

Harry Kane said the football association was stupid about making fun of its performance in Tottenham’s FA Cup semi-final defeat by Manchester United and wondered why people ridiculed the need to deride English players before the World Cup.

The striker was held calm by United’s Chris Smalling at Wembley, and after the game that won United 2-1, the official FA Cup account was tweeted, „What’s in your pocket, Chris?“ and connected to an independent video of the defender: „Harry Kane.“

The tweet was deleted and the FA apologized to Tottenham and United for „any offense“. Mauricio Pochettino, Tottenham’s manager, branded the game’s board last week as embarrassing. Kane is relaxed, but he pointed out that it was a strange way for the FA to handle its own.

„The FA tweet was a stupid tweet,“ Kane said. „We all know that, I talked to the gazer about it and we just said,“ Would other countries do that with their players? „Probably not.

„It’s something that has disappeared.“ Two weeks or so ago – I’m over it. The gazer may have said that I’m sad, but I’m focused. I’m a guy who gets over things. If it happened, it happened. I keep going and looking forward to the next game and that’s all I’m worried about. „

Kane, who scored his 38th goal of the season in Tottenham’s 2-0 win against Watford on Monday, added that the English sometimes get too many flak.

„Es ist seltsam“, sagte er. „Vielleicht ist es eine Mentalitätssache.“ Heutzutage ist es vielleicht einfacher, englische Spieler zu scherzen oder den englischen Spielern den Spaß zu nehmen. Wenn wir also bei der Weltmeisterschaft nicht gut abschneiden, dann können sie schreiben und sagen: „Wir haben es dir gesagt.“ Aber das ist vielleicht eine schwächere Mentalität.

„Es ist, was es ist.“ Wir konzentrieren uns auf das, was wir zu tun haben. Wir müssen mit der Denkweise und dem Glauben gehen, dass wir es schaffen können. Wir versuchen, alles zu gewinnen, worauf wir uns einlassen. Die Weltmeisterschaft ist nicht anders.“

Kane has been the butt of several jokes since fighting to be credited with a goal that brushed him off against Stoke on April 7. However, he does not intend to part with social media.

„On social media, you get a few people who disagree and it’s a fan to be and have an opinion,“ he said. „I will always get involved with my fans.“ It’s just a small number of fans that may go beyond the goal, but that’s just life. You can not think about it too much. „